Live Concert Experiments

Explore the amazing science of celebrating, discovering and telling concert culture stories.

Yep, that’s right. There’s a new kind of science being created.

Here at Live Fix, “concert experiments” are our way of telling stories about how live music is changing the lives of fans all across the world and throughout history of concertgoing.

Concert experiments are also our way of questioning what we think we know about live music and discovering what we don’t know (yet).

For sure, there’s no other experience like going to a concert. Whether it’s your first show or your 400th, going to a concert is a life-changing moment.

And with each concert experiment we celebrate and explore these amazing moments to understand why and how they change our lives.

We’re living in exciting and extremely transformative times my friends and that’s why we love exploring things like:

  • Why live music makes us so emotional?
  • How social media is evolving the psychology of concert fans
  • What artist think about when they’re onstage entertaining us

So enough of my jibber-jabbering. Let’s get to it!

Join our concert fan community and read the latest experiments here and listen to these experiments come to life on the Live Fix Radio Podcast.