Live Fix is an experiment exploring the intersection of life, live music and online communities.

Who Is Live Fix?


Chris Catania
profilepicLive Fix explorations come from Chris’s never-ending curiosities about life, work, live music and the art and science of using online communities for business. Someone once asked Chris why he started Live Fix and this is what he said. Since then it has grown into the beautifully unpredictable and experimental adventure that it is today.

Chris oversees community management strategy at Esri. Prior to joining Esri, he’s led employee community and collaboration at Walgreens and guided organizations to develop and implement communities to build meaningful relationships with their customers. He uses Live Fix to share the meaning of his work experiences, what he’s learned and explore the future of the business of online communities. In case you’re wondering, all opinions expressed on Live Fix are his own.

He has also contributed interviews and other writings to Blogcritics, PopMatters,Ink19, Jetsetter, and Website Magazine.

Chis has also spoken about internal social media and community management at these past events:

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Colleen Catania

Colleen is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) as well as a certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor (CADC). She also contributes to the live music history explorations and takes all the photos for Live Fix.  She enjoys grabbing that money shot in the pit during the show and people watching at local concert venues. You can connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Check out Colleen’s dazzling collection of photos on Flickr. If you’re going to use her photos please give her credit (you’ll be doing everyone a favor).

Live Fix Radio: The Official Podcast for Concert Fans

The Live Fix Podcast is co-hosted by Chris and Colleen. During each episode, they explore the psychological, physiological and sociological impact of our live concert experiences. Though they are married and have enjoyed many concerts together, Chris and Colleen’s music tastes don’t always align, and they definitely have differing opinions on what makes a great live show.

That said, each show they turn the concert experience inside-out sharing provocative angles on concert news, fan stories, artist interviews, product reviews, free downloads and more. Yes, you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

Send your show feedback and share your concert stories with us on Twitter @livefixmediaFacebook , Google Plus, or call the concert fan hotline at 773-609-4341.

What They’re Saying…

We’re proud to say that The Wall Street Journal included Live Fix in their Live Music Field Guide and Windy City Rock believes that Live Fix isn’t like other live music blogs. That’s good to know!

Comments, Questions, or PR/Band Requests for Reviews

Comments are always best left on the specific blog post, and if it’s appropriate Chris will respond with a reply on that post. If you’ve been to a show and would like to submit a fan review please send it to chris@christophercatania.com.

If you have a request for album, video or concert review Chris highly suggests that you read this before emailing: chris@christophercatania.com.

IMPORTANT: Chris writes and freelances for several publications and also uses what comes his way for Live Fix topics, so please state clearly where you’re hoping to see your band, art, performance, event or music covered. If you want it covered on Live Fix, including specific information about why you want coverage on Live Fix will help him get back to you a lot quicker. If you’re hoping to see it covered elsewhere, please include the desired publication and Chris will work with you on trying to make that happen.


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