Bruce Springsteen And His “Sunny Day” Sing-a-long Tour With Tweens


Our Bruce Springsteen exploration continues as we take you through a series of concert videos showing how The Boss is connecting with a new generation of fans one tween at a time.

I first heard about Springsteen bringing a tween on stage to sing “Waiting on Sunny Day” during his show at Wrigely Field in September. Then I took a stroll through the interwebs and discovered Chicago wasn’t the only city that Springsteen was pulling young fans from the front row to help lead the crowd in a moving Sunny Day sing-a-long.

Here’s a collection of videos from around the world this year and some of the back stories that surfaced after concerts in Chicago and Toronto.

First up is the 10-year-old fan Brianna who joined Bruce on stage at Wrigley Field in Chicago (video above). shared the story and then shortly after Brianna’s mom Mary posted a comment.  I wonder what it was like for both Brianna and Mary to experience such a moment. Maybe it was similiar to Rich’s story or these mom’s stories?

Halle in Toronto

Next up is Halle from the Toronto show. Now this story was interesting because of all the kids in these videos Halle’s performance sounded the most polished and surprisingly beyond her years. And it wasn’t a fluke because, as Kat Langdon, explains on her blog, Halle has already begun to develop her live performance chops.

Let’s back up a bit. Halle has been a vocal student of mine for just under a year. She’s a smart, modest 10-year old girl with a strong voice and a kind heart. We met during the production of Joseph in November, she was a member of the youth ensemble.


Neveah in LA

Then in LA it was Neveah and her grandparents who had this to say in the comments on the YouTube video.

Our darling little grandaughter Nevaeh at her first Bruce concert. After the song Bruce came back over and asked how old she was and after hearing she was 4 he stated “youngest member of the E Street Band ever.”



From Philly to Paris and Beyond

Here are the rest of the vidoes from the other cities.  If your the parent of any of these kids, we invite you to tells us more about your story and drop a comment below and we’ll share it on a future episode of Live Fix Radio.

The other reason I am excited to share these videos is because it’s got me thinking about a few other things.

1) For the tweens that were girls, how will that moment impact the psychological and emotional development knowing how women experience live music.

2) For the moms who were there to witness the concert in person with their kids, how this moment rank in their favorite concert experiences? Will it be like the live music memories of these moms?

3) What will become of the kids? Will they turned out to be just as amazing and rockin’ as these kids performers?

4) And now that Colleen and I are proud parents of Calvin, I wonder what it will be like to take our son Calvin to his first concert.  What will unfold during his first live music experience? And how will that moment change his  and our lives forever?




New Jersey




Washington D.C. 




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