R. Kelly Leaves Fans Trapped In Disappointment After 75-Second Show

r Kelly 75 second show



This is no way to celebrate Mother’s Day. And I’m sure Tupac and Kanye wouldn’t do something like this.

As the Stool Pigeon reports, R. Kelly fans were deceived and extremely disappointed by the star’s 75 second concert during Mother’s Day weekend.

Basic admission for the event — billed as ‘An Intimate Night w/ R Kelly (Mothers Day Weekend)’ — was $30, but at the other end of the payscale on a graded ticketing system, VIP bottle service for eight people was offered to those willing to part with an eye-watering $950.

In return, fans were ‘treated’ to the sight of Kelly strolling about the stage in Austin, TX while chomping on a cigar at 12.43am, enjoying a brief spot of karaoke over the album version of his hit ‘Ignition’, and demanding that pretty ladies come join him in the VIP section, or else he would be “up out this bitch”.

Then, as Austin360 reports:

Kelly returned to the stage to explain that “he wasn’t contractually obligated to sing — so what he had done was a favor, of sorts — and that he was there to get drunk and if the crowd would chill out and let him do so he might come back out and do some more.”

Then, as FactMag.com reports:

At another point in the night, a promoter tried to reason with angry fans, claiming that Kelly had paid too many dues to be booed, and that at a similar event in Dallas, Kelly sung for half an hour because people showed him love.

Ticketing website Eventbrite, however, will be refunding tickets purchased for the event, because promoters for the show did not state that Kelly would be hosting rather than promoting.


Clearly R Kelly wasn’t trying to attempt the same world shortest concert like Jack White. And I’m surprised no fans tried to give R Kelly a hug when their emotional expectations weren’t met and their hopes were squashed.

In the end I feel sorry for R Kelly fans who continue to stick with him through things like this, court battles and a string of ho-hum albums.

Once again, this seems like another emotional reason for fans to rise up and start a complaints choir.

Do you ever feel like you’re trapped in a closet at a bad concert?

Were you at the R. Kelly show? Have you ever been to bait and switch concert?

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