Happy Mother’s Day: Tupac and Kanye Celebrating Mom With Transcendent Rhymes



Happy Mother’s Day!  One of my favorite songs about a son expressing his love and appreciation for his mom is Tupac’s “Dear Mama.”

I can’t say that I relate completely with all the lyrics, but the universal emotional sentiment that Tupac expresses is spot on. And that’s what makes the song transcendent and eternally awesome. And the emotion and realness with which Tupac performed this song is a big reason why his music still moves us and his hologram rocked our world.

And like Tupac, Kayne West continues the same tradition with “Hey Mama,” another classic tribute and a personal favorite. And I love this live version.


So go hug your mom and tell her that you love her today (and everyday too). And as Tupac points out, we remember those moms that have passed on.

Enjoy the videos and stay tuned as we continue our annual Mother’s Day tribute with an upcoming episode of Live Fix Radio to celebrate and remember how live music changed the lives of moms everywhere.

We’d love to hear about your favorite mom-centric live music stories. Post them below and we’ll include them in our Mother’s Day episode.


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