Concert Preview: Getting Ready For Grouplove and Matt’s First Show at Metro




It’s taken a while but we’re excited to share the news that our Bears vs Packers: Who Will Win A Free Show At Metro will continue next weekend as my cousin Matt and I head out to see Grouplove in Chicago.

To recap, I bet Matt a free show at Metro that the Bears would win and head to the Super Bowl 2011. Well, as you know the Bears lost and the Packers went on to win the Big Game.

And after a long and very careful decision process Matt has chosen to see Grouplove for his very first show at Metro. So will this adventure be like our other first time at Metro adventure?

Who knows? But either way we’ll certainly share all the details on a future episode of Live Fix Radio.

Until then, check out the video of Grouplove’s single “Colours,” and this live set from their recent visit on Letterman, both of which have got me thinking about what their live show will be like as a sold out crowd gathers to celebrate Matt’s first Metro gig.

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