The Switch: A Concert Live Stream That Matches Your Mood






Tomorrow we’re excited to have the chance to continue several Live Fix explorations as we tune into “The Switch,” which according to the press info, is a YouTube musical live streaming experience where you can choose between two musical acts based on your mood at the time – energizing or relaxing.

The Switch kicked off in March with a live webcast of two secret shows featuring on-the-rise artists Theophilus London and Givers in Brooklyn, NYC  and April 23 8pm EST is show #2 featuring Childish Gambino and Other Lives who will be performing two secret shows from somewhere on the West Coast.

The Switch was created by YouTube and La Blogotheque, a French music production team known for taping bands playing in unusual settings. Over the past six years, La Blogotheque has filmed more than 300 acts, including Arcade Fire, Beirut, Phoenix, Cee-Lo, R.E.M., Andrew Bird, Bon Iver and Battles.

The Switch sounds pretty cool as it aims to give fans two options to match your mood while tuning in. And we’re looking forward to seeing how it turns out because, as noted below,  this virtual and emotional concert experiment touches on several previous Live Fix explorations.

Let us know what you think and stay tuned for more and we talk with the folks behind The Switch on future episode of Live Fix Radio.



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