Play State Farm’s Mix & Match Game To Win Bonnaroo VIP Tickets

State Farm Facebook contest bonnaroo coachella


Continuing our exploration of concert fan contests for your live music enjoyment, here’s a quick note for those of you looking to win a VIP trip to Bonnaroo and possibly Lollaplooza or Bumpershoot.

This is a fun little contest, sponsored by State Farm Nation, that I found while scoping out the live Coachella stream on Youtube.

Play on State Farm’s Facebook page, It’s a game of classic mix & match for concert fans that’s fun to play, and if you successfully match them you get entered into the sweepstakes.



It’s pretty basic and they could’ve made it a bit more interesting and included more classic fan moments, concert emotions, or more unique characters like Dancing Guys to match up instead of the basic ones like a ferris wheel,  sun tan lotion and a weird lady with a straw hat.

That said, this is the first insurance company I’ve seen sponsor live music contest and it’s got me thinking about where State Farm would rank among our recent brand explorations.

I’ve played and entered. And we’d love to know if you win, or if you’re heading out to any summer music festivals this year and we’ll share your story on future episode of Live Fix Radio.

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