Are These Kids Superstitious About Live Music and Life?


It’s Friday the 13th and we know all about the strange and superstitious fears of live music.

But what about the development of our fears?

I ask this because I’ve noticed that many fears and superstitions  we have when we’re younger no longer have the same power over us as they once did.

And, as we get older, we develop and learn new fears that we didn’t have when we were younger.

That said, I’ve been pondering the possibility of whether or not these young and rockin’ concert fans (at the 4:10 minute mark) on the set of Sesame Street grew up to be superstitious about live music or life. How did  this intimate VIP set with Mr. Wonder impact their thoughts and beliefs about being afraid or being lucky?

And speaking of kids, you gotta wonder how superstitious these kids are too.

How ‘Bout You?

What are your most superstitious concert experiences? What’s your luckiest or unluckiest live music moment?

Share your fears and superstitions in the comments below, on Twitter @livefixmedia, on Facebook , Google Plus, or call the concert fan hotline at 773-609-4341, and we’ll include them in a future episode of Live Fix Radio.

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