Will High Gas Prices Drain Your Live Music Budget This Summer?

infographic music festival



As we’ve explored before the road trip is a big part of the live concert experience. And with the spike in gas prices we’re wondering if the recent hike in fueling your car will impact how many shows you go to this summer.

Exhibit A in our experiment is a cool infographic below via wepay.com. It highlights some last year’s overal costs of what fans spent to attend a summer music festival in 2011. Notice the full dollar increase in gas price since last year.

Exhibit B is this Billboard article that sites a recent study about gas prices influencing fan spending during this summer’s festival season.

The two researchers found overall spending on recreation experienced “no significant decline” due to gas price spikes. Some categories, such as sightseeing, recreational sports and spectator amusements, suffered “only insignificant declines,” while gas spikes showed “no significant effect” on activities such as movies, bowling and casino gambling. The researchers did not break out a category for music concerts.

Well, since live music wasn’t in their study, let’s do our own study right here on Live Fix.

Are You Re-thinking Your Concert Budget?

Will the higher gas prices force you to go to less concerts, more local shows, or hold off on traveling to your favorite festivals this summer? Or will the gas prices not make any impact on your concert adventures and live music spendatures at all? Will online and virtual concerts be the alternative and more popular?

Let us know and drop a comment below and we’ll share your story on a future episode of Live Fix Radio.
infographic music festival

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