What If We Created Remixed Pop-Up Concerts And Live Fan Jam Sessions?

Intel ultrabook pop-up theater jam session



Continuing our exploration in to brands and live music, a couple thoughts popped into my head after watching these videos from Intel’s new Ultrabook campaign called “Pop-Up Theater”.

As noted in the email I got from the folks behind the campaign, these Intel videos are from a series of “fun and lighthearted stunts shot in Los Angeles featuring the new laptops.”

The videos are fun to watch and they’ve got me thinking about our street musician and Tiesto experiments.

These videos also remind me of one of my favorite post-concert moments during Lollapalooza 2011 which I experienced while walking back to the train on the streets of Chicago after the festival.

I will always remember how much I loved hearing fans teaming up with street musicians to sing and swoon the extremely melodic and catchy “uh uh uh, oh oh ohhh” chorus of Britney Spears “Till the End of the World”.

That moment put a big smile on my face as the live fan jam session was sent flowing beautifully down Michigan Avenue.

Let’s Have More Festival Moments Like That

Thinking about that post-Lolla moment and watching these videos also has me wondering if Intel has plans to be at any of the summer music festivals like LollapaloozaBonnaroo or Coachella this year to make the brand experiences more interactive and memorable for fans like this, or will Intel miss an opportunity like this?

If Intel is planning on creating an interactive experience for fans at festivals, they might want to think about letting fans use the Ultrabooks to experiment with their personal live music stories in one of the sponsored brand tents on the festival grounds.

Now, If Intel Did This…

For example, they could let fans use the Ultrabook to record videos documenting their festival memories and then allow fans to merge those stories with remixed versions of the live performances of their favorite artists during the festival, and then let fans share the final versions with friends instantly on their social networks.

Allowing fans to have an emotionally engaged and highly social experience directly on the Ultrabook would be very powerful, and it would be a creative and crafty extension of this current Pop-up Theater campaign.

Even better, fans could mash-up their remixes and combine their stories in to one big interactive and never-ending collage of concert fan stories.

And what if we took elements of what Keys N Krates does and applied it to the fan experience? How cool would that be?! Very.

How would you remix your concert story?

How would you remix memories of your favorite concert experiences? How can brands, like Intel, make the music festival experience more interactive and memorable for fans?

Tell us what you these Intel videos and share your concert experiences and thoughts in the comments below, on Twitter @livefixmedia, on Facebook , Google Plus, or call the concert fan hotline at 773-609-4341, and we’ll include them in a future episode of Live Fix Radio.

Pop-Up Theater Orchestra

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