Two Ways To Learn About The Future Of Community Management In Chicago

Continuing our new exploration into community management and social business, I wanted to pass along info about two local events that I’ll be checking out the next couple of days.

The first one is Thursday night as Social Media Club Chicago hosts a discussion about The Future of Community Management at Google’s Chicago offices. They’ll be answering questions like: What exactly is a community manager? What does it take to become one?

I’ve enjoyed and learned a lot from previous SMC events and I’m looking forward to hearing what my fellow community managers have to say about their roles today and what lies ahead as our communities continue to evolve. You can learn more and register for the event here.

Community Management UNconference

Having recently launched the pilot program for our social intranet at Walgreens I’m looking forward to swapping ideas and participating in the Community Management UNconference on Friday 2/24.

Back in January I had the pleasure of being a part of an UNconference in Dallas at the Orange Council meeting. We really packed a lot learning and sharing in to one day and I have to say the UNconference format is very effective for getting right to the point and discussing the topics and brainstorming issues that matter most. If you haven’t done something like this before I highly suggest checking one out.

That said, I’m looking forward to Friday because one of the things I love the most about UNconferences is that the participants choose the topics and you have the opportunity collaborate in ways you don’t normally get to at other conferences.

It’s important to remember that the point of an UNconference isn’t to have all the answers, but be willing to listening, ask questions and share your experiences, because the truth is that everybody else is probably thinking and struggling with the same issues and the sooner you can identify the problems the faster you can find solutions.   Sure you can just sit back and listen but like social media in general, the more share, ask questions and contribute at an UNconference the more you get out of it.

And looking at the list for tomorrow, I’m sure we’ll be diving into a bunch of relevant and timely topics for CMs.

Here’s the topic that I submitted since it’s near and dear to my heart and central to the CM work I do at Walgreens.

“With the rise of social business and next gen intranets, what strategies do you use to engage, grow and demonstrate the business value of collaborative and connected employee communities?”

That’s all for now. And I hope you can make both events. If you’re there, be sure to say hello, I’d love to hang out and chat with you. I’ll be tweeting some CM nuggets and you can follow along via @chriscatania using the hashtag #cmgrun

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