I Still Believe That Hustling Up 80 Floors Is A Lot Like Touring

Kohls step up Chicago

 Kohls step up Chicago


Twelve hours from now, just like I did last year, I’ll be run/trotting up 80 floors for the kids. It’s a great cause to support Children’s Memorial Hospital and I really enjoyed being a part of our team of family and friends and a few furry friends as you can see above.

And as an added bonus I learned A LOT about touring endurance during last year’s race when my legs start to burn around the 40th floor.

So this year, I’ll again be taking my mind off the ever-present physical pain by refocusing my mind on the topic of touring, and thinking a lot about how physically and emotionally difficult it is to entertain fans night after night, city after city, show after show.

Kinda like Theophilous London’s latest confession.  Or maybe like Daria Musk’s marathon Google Plus Hangout concert.

And as I conquer each floor, I’ll also be thinking about you my fellow concert buddies, especially these awesome fans.

And I’ll be thinking about how much our bodies, emotions and senses play a role in how we experience live music.

Kinda like how Eric needs to feel the speakers during Vivian Girl concerts, and how these fans need to challenge themselves or rediscover themselves one show at a time.

How about you my fellow fans?

How has live music challenged you to dig deeper into a part of your life? Or on the flipside, what non-concert adventure or life challenge, like running up 80 floors, got you thinking differently about your live music experiences?

Or if you’re an artist?

What important lessons have you learned while on tour?  What creative connections or revelations have you discovered to help you deal with the grueling grind of live performance?

Share your concert experiences and thoughts in the comments below, on Twitter @livefixmedia, on Facebook, Google Plus, or call the concert fan hotline at 773-609-4341, and we’ll include them in a future episode of Live Fix Radio.

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