You Rocked The Show: Best Concert Fan Stories and Interviews of 2011



This is why we do this. You. The Fans. We love discovering, celebrating and exploring your concert experiences.

And throughout 2011 we had the extreme pleasure of sharing some truly amazing live music moments with you.

There was no shortage of emotion in 2011 as we explored why concerts move us so much.

And as you’ll see many of the most vivid memories during 2011 were defined by moments of youthful amazement and history in the making, grief and pain.

Throughout the year, the live concert experience was many things to many fans. And what a concert is and means to you continues was redefined and evolved with each passing show.

As I mentioned before, I had just as much fun going to concerts myself as I did hearing about and experiencing your concert adventures through your eyes.

And because live music would be meaningless without the fans, we salute you and all that happened in 2011 with these top concert fan news and interviews.

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Concert Fan News Stories



Concert Fan Live Fix Interviews


Thank you to all the fans for sharing your concert stories with us and we look forward to another rockin’ year in 2012!

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