Odd Future Concert Choas Continues: Tyler, The Creator Adds Roxy Sound Guy To Assaulted List

tyler the creator roxy assault

First it was Pitchfork and cupcakes. Then a slapped photographer. Now it’s an assaulted sound guy and destroyed gear.

Yep, my friends. We have some more crazy non-musical concert chaos news to share about Odd Future and their uber-rowdy leader Tyler, The Creator.

Reports of the Roxy incident on Thursday night spread fast across the interwebs as fans like Jensen Karp tweeted the chaos which included Tyler’s mom yelling “That’s My Baby” and the cops using beanbag ammunition to control the crowd that had gathered outside the Roxy.

So far there’s been a handful of fan videos (below) have surfaced. And by the looks of it, it’s more of the same stuff that’s happened earlier in the year as Odd Future leaves a destructive wake of assaults charges as they travel across the country. And sadly, all the news that’s making headlines not about the music but about the drama and brewing riots.

But the fans keep coming to the shows, to support and chant for the freedom of Tyler.

That said, and since we’re all about telling the fan’s side of the story, let us know what it was like for you at the Roxy or at any other Odd Future show and drop a comment below, and we’ll share your experience on an upcoming episode of Live Fix Radio.

Fan videos:



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