Why I love talking to concert fans and what’s coming in 2012

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We’ve been cruising along with the new Live Fix Radio podcast and every time I talk with a fellow concert fan for a new episode I’m always so pumped after our chat. I freakin’ love hearing about all your live music stories!

That said, we recently met up with Eric “Nihilist” Kolkey who’s in the film You Weren’t There, one of our favorite rock docs about the early punk scene in Chicago. We talked with Eric about his experiences as a promoter and tour manager during the early punk scene in the 80’s, what he feels and does during Vivian Girl concerts and what was so scary and exhilarating about seeing Lady Gaga live in 2007 and then in 2010 at Lollapalooza.

We’ll be sharing our chat with Eric very soon on an upcoming episode, but I just wanted to share this moment with you because if I didn’t I leak a little bit of excitement out of the podcast pressure valve I feel as if I might burst.

I also wanted to share this preview with you because I want to encourage you to swap stories with us and the other concert fans you know.  It’s so powerful and fun to hear what you’re all experiencing at shows and I hope we can do more of this in 2012.

That said, we invite you to join us on the new Live Fix Google Plus page because we’ll be hosting live Hangouts in January and we’d love to have you join us to talk about some of your favorite shows of 2011 and what you’re looking forward to in 2012. You can also follow us on our Twitter page @livefixmedia too for experiments, the latest news, interviews, concert contests and stuff.

Until then, drop a comment below and stay tuned for more!

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