Poi Dog Pondering Invites Fans to Kick-start Making of Live Album, DVD

poi dog pondering division of labor

poi dog pondering division of labor

One of my favorite interviews about the live music experience was with Poi Dog Pondering frontman Frank Orrall.

And earlier this week, they announced news about a Kickstarter project to help raise money to produce and mix their recent two night set of December shows at the Metro in Chicago.

Looking at the tiered support options that allow you to donate money and get a bigger slice of the final product, this is a great opportunity for Poi Dog fans to share in the production process and move from Looky-Loos to active participants as we’ve explored before.

As of today the project has raised almost half of the $20,000 goal. And here’s a snippet of the project goals:

We have RECORDED and FILMED both of the AMAZING benchmark 25th-year anniversary “Division of Labor / A Tale Of Two Cities” retrospective Poi shows that occurred at the Metro in Chicago on December 2nd & December 3rd, 2011. Both nights were MONUMENTAL shows!

We documented these nights with two objectives:

1) To complete a live VIDEO RELEASE of the concerts.

2) To complete a live AUDIO RELEASE of the concerts.

Make no mistake! The DVDs of both concerts will be THE ULTIMATE POI LIVE EXPERIENCE!

The Kickstarter project runs through Jan 31 and you can donate here.

What’s Your Poi Dog Story?

Have you seen Poi Dog Pondering live? Are you excited to help out with this Kickstarter project and share in the making of the 25th anniversary shows?

Let us know what you think in the comments below and we’ll share your story during a future episode of Live Fix Radio.

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