Google Music Offers Free Download: Pearl Jam Live in Toronto 9/11/11

google music free download pearl jam live toronto

google music free download pearl jam live toronto

Our Pearl Jam live exploration continues with this great news for those of you looking to tryout the new Google Music service for Android mobile users. For a limited time you can download Pearl Jam’s live show from their 9.11.11 Toronto show when you sign up for the service.

We’ve been cruising around Google Music to see what other live tracks are in their catalog and there’s some good stuff waiting for you at the standard price of around .99-1.29 per track or about 9.99 per album. A list of live concerts I found is here and here.  And general list of free songs to get your started is here.

Do you plan on signing up for Google Music to get access to your favorite live tracks on your Android phone? Let us know and we’ll share your story on a future episode of Live Fix Radio.


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