Sigur Ros Releases Live Album/DVD Inni with Special Surprise for Fans

sigur ros inni live albums

When I heard that Sigur Ros was releasing a new live album Inni with a creative twist, I immediately thought back to Kate Hefferman’s concert story about how Sigur Ros filled MoMA with resounding waves of melodic guitars and ripples of sweet rhythms.

And I remember hearing the excitement in Kate’s voice and seeing the wonder fill up in her eyes as she explained what it felt like to experience the collective beauty of being surrounded by works of art in a non-traditional concert venue and immersed in Sigur Ros’ symphonic splendor.

And I’m sure Kate isn’t the only fan who’s looking forward to this special release that includes individual clipped pieces of clothing worn during their London’s Alexandra Palace shows in 2008.

As Pitchfork reports:

The special edition includes the live album, the DVD, “an exclusive and unique-to-each-box artefact from the show itself in a numbered, printed envelope”, a one-sided etched vinyl 7″ containing “Lúppulagid”, four photographic prints, a badge, and “a black opaque envelope with 10 pieces of A5 light sensitive paper with instructions and special url for posting your homemade images to the website.”

The mysterious video “Klippa” below shows the story behind the making of the clipped clothing pieces. And a list of worldwide screenings is listed here.

Inni will be released in the UK on November 7 and in the U.S. on the 8, and it will also include previously unreleased track “Lúppulagid.” You can pick up a free track from the album here or via the form below when you subscribe to the Sigur Ros newsletter.

What’s Your Sigur Ros story?

Were you at these Inni shows? Are you looking forward to grabbing your piece of clothing from the concert? Do you have a unique concert memento from your favorite show? Let us know and we’ll share your story during a future episode of Live Fix Radio.

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