Concert Review (In Photos): Killer Ladies on Tour at the Abbey Pub

We already know how women experience live music and we had the chance to continue our sensual and emotional exploration by checking out the Lady Killer Tour at the Abbey Pub in Chicago.

As you know, we began the night with a great live chat with 14 year-old singer-songwriter Kate Diaz, and now we’d like to share a photo gallery of our favorite moments forever frozen in time.

We’re really excited to share this gallery with you because all the photos have been making us think more about the female psyche and how a show like this one — where most of the fans and all the band members where female — is profoundly different from when I saw Grinderman, which was a mostly male and far more primal Dexter-style crowd.

And as you check out Colleen’s set of photos, we invite you to join our experiment as we continue to explore the psychological, sociological and emotional difference between male and female concert crowds.

If you were at this show or have seen Kate Diaz, Hunter Valentine, Vanity Theft or Sick of Sarah live before, go ahead and post a comment below sharing your part of this live music story.

Your story can be one word or a hundred words. Or you can post a link to a concert fan video or a photo that shows how these bands have moved you live. We’d also love to hear how you think an all female crowd is different than an all-male crowd.

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