More Burning Concert Questions For President Obama To Answer During His LinkedIn Town Hall

obama linkedin townhall


obama linkedin townhall

As you know, we’ve been exploring the concert experiences of President Obama and the influence he has on the live music scene. And yesterday I submitted a question for him to answer during the Town Hall that he’s scheduled to have on Monday 9/26 via LinkedIn.

And on the heels of our recent soulful White House Motown Experiment this is the burning question that I posted in LinkedIn.

Sure, it might not be exactly the type of question that he’s expecting, but nonetheless, the question and his answer certainly impacts and influences all the other big questions my other fellow Americans are asking. And I hope I do get an answer someday.

Mr. President, as an avid supporter of live music you’ve hosted several concerts at the White House and attended many concerts of your supporters.

And since live music has a great influence on our emotions, mental health and daily decision-making, I was wondering how your live music experiences help you to deal with the stress and difficulty of making all these crucial decisions on war, taxes and healthcare? Has one concert stood out among others when it comes to influencing any of these decisions?

Besides that question, I’ve also been wondering about what it must have been like on August 4th at the Aragon during the President’s 50th birthday party and Obama Victory Fund 2012 campaign fundraiser where, according the Washington Post, “tickets” ranged from $50 to 35,800 a piece with several VIP options. And “…two dozen Latino activists were protesting outside. Holding signs, they chanted, “Yes you can, no deportation!” and “Hey, hey, Obama, don’t deport my mama!””

What Would You Ask President Obama?

So all this considered, what do you think really inspires and captivates President Obama during a live show? And in what ways do his concert experiences influence our country’s future?

We invite you to share your concert experiences and thoughts about this podcast in the comments below, so they can be included in a future episode of Live Fix Radio.

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