Concert Review: Freelance Whales Play Sweet and Strong For The Kids

Lots of fun was had at that Eventbrite Confidential secret show at the Empty Bottle benefiting Rock for Kids.

We had such a blast soaking up the groovy and shimmering orch-pop and synthy-sounding tunes of the Freelance Whales that Colleen actually took some pictures for you during the show as evidence, just in case you thought we were lying or making all this up.

During their set, the band said that this would be their final Chicago show or any live concert for quite awhile, so it was cool to share the moment with them knowing that wouldn’t be doing something like this any time soon.

Were You Freelance Whaling For The Kids?

Were you one of the fans who made it to the secret show and were smiling non-stop in the front row? Did you feel great afterwards knowing that you just helped give a kid a chance to play live music? Let us know what you think and we’ll share your story during a future episode of Live Fix Radio.

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