Concert Preview: Riot Fest 2011 Is Coming, Will The Drama Continue?

Remember the drama during Riot Fest 2010?

Well, we hope any extracurricular band drama is kept to a minimum during Riot Fest 2011 as Chicago gears up once again for 5 days of the good kind of concert rioting (not this kind) in venues all across the city October 5-9th.

As we shared earlier this week, Weezer will be headlining the show with a special fan voting contest to decide which record is played in its entirety, Blue Album or Pinkerton.

Other headliners include Social Distortion, X, Danzig, and to make things interesting (in a surprise show sort of way), there are several “secret shows” going on at select venues as well.

And since the festival is sponsored by Red Bull and celebrates punk music, we’ll see if we can continue our energizing and sensual Red Bull experiment  and our exploration into Chicago punk music too.

Tickets are on sale and you can get schedules for all the gigs including secret show info here.

What’s Your Nasty Riot Fest Story?

Did you survive the drama of  last year’s fest ? What bands do you hope sweat, spit and yell at you during the show? Has live punk and rock music gotten soft? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll share your story during a future episode of Live Fix Radio.

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