What If…There Was A Street Performer Supergroup World Tour?


Like most people, when I saw the video above of this street performer busting out the glorious vocals I was amazed.

Then I thought of our previous One-man-band experiment.

Then I took a deeper dive into the culture of one-man-bands and street musicians and cruised around on YouTube to see what other gems are out there.

I found a few keepers that I’ve posted below. But then I thought about something else.

Why Aren’t These Guys Signed On Labels or Touring?

What separates these one-man-bands and talented street musicians from the countless pop stars who have way less talent but somehow still get to live their music-making dream?

Sure the answer to that question is that might it’s likely a combination of luck, savant skill and being at the right place at the right time.

And as more artist spread their music virtually, you could even say that aspiring YouTubeing musicians who share their songs in intimate bedroom concerts online are the new 21st century virtual street musician. I know that our friend Kate Diaz could relate with that perspective and emerging career route.

Then I Started To Wonder About Something Else

Maybe there is something that keeps these one-man-bands from getting off the street and onto the bigger stage?

Maybe they enjoy the simple pleasure of playing mini-concerts in initiate settings?

Maybe these one-man-bands aren’t wired up emotionally, creatively or stylistically like these artists who can handle the anxieties of the big stage and the pressures of the recording studio?

Maybe these one-man-bands wouldn’t be able to work together or handle the interpersonal dynamics of  being in a full band?

It’s a shame if that’s true, because if you put all the guys in the videos below together, you’d have all the  working and necessary parts of pretty interesting band ready to go.

While I’m having this moment of clarity, I’m tell my buddies over at Lollapalooza and Pitchfork that they need to consider having a stage dedicated just for street performers next year.

What About A Street Performer Supergroup World Tour?

All this said, what if they could handle all those pressures and challenges?

What if a label somehow rounded up all these one-man-bands and talented street musicians into one big supergroup and sent the group off on a world tour?

Would it be a major disaster or a rousing success?

What’s Your Beat On This?

Would you go to a concert that featured all of these street musicians on a world tour revue? Who’s the most amazing street musician you’ve seen?

Are you a street musician who’s always wanted to get signed? Would you play on a world tour like this?

Go ahead and let us know what you think in the comments below and we’ll share your thoughts and feedback during a future episode of Live Fix Radio.


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