Tweets of the Week: Love and Hate, 9/11 Memories, Chris Brown Dreams, Bieber Crashers, Concert Weirdos

Love and hate. Pleasure and pain. Doubt and clarity. Those were just some of the profound and entertaining topics I discovered as I compiled our second edition of Tweets of the Week.

It’s been fun watching this experiment evolve and it’s turning out to be a facinating exploration into what you love to express at all points of the live music experience.

My initial hunches are being confirmed, and through this experiment I’m finding hard evidence that our lives are being changed not just during the show — but before and after.

I’m discovering more about the truth that the surge of our live music emotions, complaints, memories and expectations is taking us all on a wild and surprising ride when we least expect it — and we’re all turning to Twitter to share the glory of this emotional rush with our fellow concert fans.

This week’s list was longer than last week’s, and it was hard to pick which tweets were my favorite. But I was able to narrow it down a little bit out of the hundreds of tweets I saw over the last seven days.

As I mentioned in our first post, I use a keyword search to compile the list. And this week I decided to mix things up with other Live Fix experiments by focusing on the phrases “I love concerts”, “I hate concerts,” “9/11” and “concert emotions“.

So whenever any of you tweeted using a combination of those words that’s when your tweet popped up in my search. (I’ll be creating a special Live Fix hashtag allowing you to be included in the experiment, so stay tuned for that soon.)

And boy did a lot of great tweets show up in my search stream!

Why My Face Is Frozen In A Perpetual Smile

I caught myself many times during the week laughing out loud at the brilliance and wit of your 140 character expressions.

Many times during the week I had to shove my mobile phone in front of Colleen or even read your tweets out loud to her because these tweets were so revealing, funny, witty and insightful to say the least.

As you’ll see, whether you were thinking, dreaming or reminiscing about Nirvana, Justin Bieber, Selena, Chris Brown, Beyonce concerts,  the tweets below show a side of concert fans honestly speaking our minds in real-time as the show unfolds right in front of us.

Ya’ll Got Deep With Your Tweets Too

And then there were several tweets filled with profound moments of reflection and revelation as you tweeted your thoughts while heading to your car after the show, contemplating the deeper meaning of live music, or sitting in your bed vomiting wishing you were at a concert.

It’s was also a pleasure to come across a tweet from our friends at Concert Weirdos who’s tweets always put a smile on my face and remind me how awesome live music really is.

So without further ado, here’s this week’s list. And check out our special invitation to join this experiment below.

What About Your Tweets?

What did you tweet during your last concert? How do you think Twitter is changing live music? Follow us on Twitter @livefixmedia and let us know what you think and we’ll share your feedback during a future episode of Live Fix Radio.

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