Pukkelpop Festival Sets Up Fund for Victims, Smith Westerns Tell Their Story

pukkelpop festival

pukkelpop festival

It’s been a rough and terrible summer for concert stages. And in the wake of the the Pukkelpop stage disaster Pollstar reports that a benefit fund has been set up for victims impacted by the tragedy.

The note stresses that the full amount of every donation will go directly to the victims and their survivors.
“No part of that money will go to the Pukkelpop organisation,” the message reads. “At the express request of Pukkelpop, the Fund will be independent and autonomous.
“Everyone taking part in the establishment and operation of the Fund – now and in the future – is doing so from a sense of social engagement on an unpaid volunteer basis.”

Continuing our exploration of grief in the aftermath of these tragic concert events, we also like to share a link to a short video interview from 3VOOR12 with Chicago-based band Smith Westerns who were on the stage as the tent was collapsing.

Were You There?

Were you at the Pukkelpop festival? We invite to tell us about your experience, and we’ll share your feedback during a future episode of Live Fix Radio.

Again, we are saddened by this kind of news. And as always, we send our thoughts and prayers to family and friends of everyone involved in this tragic event. And like we’ve done before on Live Fix, we pay tribute to the Pukkelpop fans other concert fans who have passed on to the big concert venue in the sky.

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