Dave Grohl Stops Fight, Kicks Out Fans at iTunes Festival Concert


Props goes out to Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters for calling out and kicking out two fans who were fighting during their set at the iTunes Festival.

As the Huffington post reports this is what Grohl had to say when the two unruly fans were called out and then eventually escorted out of the venue.

“Hey mothaf*cka! No No No No! You don’t f*cking fight at my show, you as*hole,” Grohl yelled, stopping the entire band in its tracks. After identifying the man — he was wearing a striped shirt — Grohl let out a bunch more expletives before kicking him out. And then let out some more expletives.

Concert Fan Hall of Shame and Wonder Experiment

This moment is really funny to watch unfold, and we’ll be sure to add these two fans to our ever-expanding concert fan hall of shame and wonder experiments.

Will iTunes Edit Grohl’s Classic Moment?

What’s also interesting about this Dave Grohl moment is that it happened during the ¬†iTunes festival which as we reported before is taking place in London and is available via ¬†iTunes’ Festival mobile app.

That said, I’ve started watching the Foo Fighters concert download to see if this incident was included in the download or removed, and so far I haven’t see it yet.

Sure, the profanity might not work, but I’m hoping that iTunes didn’t completely edit the moment out because it’s really a classic concert moment.

And we’re sure those two fans won’t be hosting the Foo Fighters in their garage anytime soon.

Were You There?

Were you at the iTunes festival to witness the fan lashing? We invite you to share your concert experiences in the comments below, so they can be included in a future episode of Live Fix Radio.

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