Blind Guitarist, U2 Fan Rock On Stage With Bono in Nashville

u2 blind guitar fan



Continuing our exploration of U2, the 360 Tour Claw and the memorable moments had by fans at shows, here’s a fantastic video showing Adam Bevell of Phoenix AZ, who brought a sign to the show that said “Blind Guitar Player, Bring Me Up!”

And at the end of the show Bono had security bring Bevell up on stage to play “All I Want Is You.”

According to long trail of video comments left by other fans in YouTube:

[Adam’s] been to tons of concerts like 12 -13 or more, this was a life long dream of his! He also gave us front row tickets to U2 a few years ago when he had to sit up in the higher seats with his family (because it was his son’s birthday)…it about killed him. 🙂 We are so happy for him! Thanks Bono!!

There’s also some interesting conversation in the YouTube comments about how the guitar is being shipped to Adam since it might have been hard to get that guitar out of the arena in one piece.

This is kind of troubling to me, because who would steal a guitar from a blind guy, come on? Surely not U2 fans?

Other Fan and Visual Experiments Come to Mind…

That said, this great moment reminds me of seeing Kate amaze us during a K’naan show at Metro. And it makes me think more about our visual experiment with St. Vincent , Mastodon and Radiohead, and our Lady Gaga fan-to-artist transformation exploration.

Step Up To The Mic

Were you there? Have you seen U2 live? We invite you to share your concert experiences and thoughts about this show and other U2 concerts in the comments below, so they can be included with other concert fan stories in a future episode of Live Fix Radio.

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