Live Fix Podcast: Adventures and Discoveries at MOBfest 2011

california wives

california wives

Say hello to Chicago-based bands Makeshift Prodigy and California Wives live from MOBfest 2011!

During this episode of Live Fix Radio, we explore the details about each band’s favorite artists and most memorable concerts experiences, what role fans play during their live show, the transcendence of live concert art, and what an emerging band can learn from SXSW 2011.

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makeshift prodigy

Show Notes:

Music from the podcast (in order of appearance)

“Alive” – Makeshift Prodigy

“Wakeup and Smile” – Makeshift Prodigy Live at MOBfest 2011

“Tokyo” – California Wives Live at MOBfest 2011

“Blood Red Youth” – California Wives

Music News:


Were You There…?

We invite you to share your MOBfest 2011 Chicago concert stories so we can feature them on a future episode of Live Fix Radio. Drop ’em in the comments below!

See more MOBfest 2011 photos by Colleen Catania

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