Making Sense of SeatGeek’s Concert Density Report

seat geek

seat geek


As we mentioned on recent episode of Live Fix Radio, Billboard shared an interesting infographic and report from SeatGeek, a secondary ticket startup who’s measured concert density among other things.

Now, at first this report is a bit misleading because we don’t normally look at concertgoing or our live entertainment options in this way.

For example, Illinois and Texas, home to Chicago and Austin, towns often noted as the most popular cities for live music aren’t represented as high density in the graphic. And it’s sad to see that no concert are happening in Alaska this summer.

But then as you take a closer look at the SeatGeek report, their take on the secondary ticket market and venues options per captia begins to sort of make sense.

And as Billboard points out in their article and infographic above, “the ratings also suggest that not all of consumers’ live music entertainment is enjoyed in or around their hometown.”

What do you think?

Are you from the states listed in the high density areas? Is this true to your concertgoing experiences?


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