Live Fix Podcast: Explore The Wonderful World Of Obbityville

Obbityfest 2011

Obbityfest 2011

On this episode of Live Fix Radio, we explore the live music laboratory of Chicago-based experimental rock band The Earth Program as they give us an exclusive tour of their Spook House practice studio. The ambitious quartet also shares the inside scoop on ObbityFest 2011, a 21-band music and art festival going on in Chicago this weekend.

As we told you in our initial Obbityfest preview we have a lot in common with the festival’s experimental side. And musically it features DIY, punk / rock / psychedelic music and art from as far away as Egypt. And during this special bonus podcast interview, all four members of the band take us on a wild ride through the curiously awesome world of Obbityville, a parallel universe of artistic inspiration, musical community and creative resistance. Fun!

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Show Notes:

Music from the podcast (all tunes by The Earth Program)

“Le Gloom” – (Live at the Spook House)

“Eat Your Makeup” – (INVADE!)

Check out the Obbityfest 2011 free mixtape sampler download.

UPDATE 7/5/11:

Lots of fun was had at Obbityfest! Here’s a video and Colleen’s Flicker set of photos capturing our favorite moments seeing The Earth Program and “a music fan’s best friend” rock the stage at the New Rock Theater.

ObbityFestival Dates and Lineup

Friday – 7/01/11
12:00 The Clams
11:00 The (Glorious) Tea Party
10:00 Swimsuit Addition
9:00 Rodeo
8:15 Bad Bad Meow
7:30 Sense-A
6:45 Brad Brubaker and The Crowd Goes Wild

Saturday – 7/02/11
12:30 Hospice
11:30 Woo-Man and The Banana
10:30 The Earth Program
9:30 Massive Scar Era (all the way from Egypt!)
8:45 The Hate Maxes
8:00 Donoma
7:15 Tell Your Friends
6:30 James Manno

Sunday – 07/03/11
12:00 Fun Club
11:00 The Maybenauts
10:00 Bill Tucker and Friends
9:00 Bushoong
8:00 She Speaks in Tongues
7:15 Moon Furies
6:30 The Lone Gun Society


Gallery featuring Artwork by:

John Airo
Erica Farrel
Joey Alan Salamon
Christopher “ILTH” Erickson
Kyle Van Heck
Cj Hungerman


The New Rock Theatre
3931 N. Elston Ave
Chicago, IL


$5 – per day
$10 – 3 day pass
Tickets can be purchased at door day of event.

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