Have You Told Your Lollapalooza Story Yet?

relive lollaplooza 2011 fan stories

relive lollaplooza 2011 fan stories


Lollapalooza is celebrating 20 years by asking fans to submit their concert stories to win a free trip to Lollapalooza 2011 in Chicago in August.

And judging by the fan stories that have already been submitted, this contest is a very special experience filled with thousands of great memories and millions of concert fans emotions.

As I cruise through the stories that have been posted thus far, one of my favorite stories was posted by Jennifer Duron. She shares a great tale of traveling with 15 friends as a teenager to see Lolla ’92 just outside of Houston, Texas.

And there’s more stories, a whole lot more — all the way up to last year’s 2011. It’s great to read these stories knowing that thousands of fans are going back in time to celebrate how the Lollapalooza experience has impacted their lives.

Reading all these stories definitely made me think of our favorite Lolla experiences over the years seeing Kanye West, Radiohead, Arcade Fire and Lady Gaga.

And it makes me wonder if we’re heading towards a better Lollapalooza experience or not.

It makes me wonder if Perry Farrell and company are really pushing the boundaries of the fan experience, or just raising the ticket prices and adding more bands to the bill? Is the festival just getting bigger and not better?

Does an crowd-sourced mobile experience like HackLolla, make for an improved fan experience?

And as I dive deeper in the fan stories and the cool interactive time capsule, I’ve also been wondering…

How has the Lolla fan changed over the years?

Do fans expect less or more during the experience?

Will fans ever push back and demand more from the festival?

Is the Lolla experience in 2011 giving us a glimpse into the future of the concert experience?

If it is, then what is the biggest difference between the first Lolla and last year’s festival?

If you want to win your way to Lolla, you still have time. The deadline to submit your Lollapalooza story is next Tuesday June 21 and you can enter here.

Go ahead and tell us what you think of Lolla’s 20 year history. And share with us your favorite Lollapalooza concert story in the comment below.

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