Live Fix Radio: Concert Fan Emotions: What Is The Source Of Your Live Music Pleasure?

Live music would be meaningless if we didn’t have emotions. So how do our emotions impact our concert experiences, and vice versa? And how does our emotional, neurological and physiological makeup set the stage for us to experience shows we will never forget?

During this episode of Live Fix Radio we dive deep into those emotional questions, share the latest music news and explore the music of Gayngs and other artists who’ve tugged at our emotional chords at concerts many times in the past.

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Emotional Show Notes:

And here’s a few excellent resources mentioned during the show, follow by the live music news round-up and music from this week’s episode.

Emotional resources for you:

Books mentioned:

Live Music News Round-up

It’s been a busy last couple of weeks in the live music news department and here’s some of what we talked about during the episode:

Music from the episode

In order as it appears during the show, this is the music we used to rock your world during the podcast.

“Frontier Psychiatrist” – The Avalanches

“Run the World (Girls)” – Beyonce

“Alive” – Pearl Jam

“The Gaudy Side of Town” – Gayngs

“Faded High” – Gayngs


What’s This Thing For?

Feedback isn’t just for microphones and soundchecks. Tell us what you think of the show.  Are you an emotional concert fan, or not? When’s the last time you got emotional at a show?

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