Gayngs Wins Lawsuit After Tour Bus Turmoil Keeps Band From ACL Fest

Gayngs Relayted Metro Live Fix

Gayngs at Metro

This story seemed strange when I first read it and I wondered if it was for real? It appears it is. Yes, as odd as it may seem, I received this triumphant news about one of my current favorite bands Gayngs who apparently had been done wrong by a tour bus company last fall.

Here’s the story as I received it via email:

On May 18, 2011, a jury awarded the band Gayngs over $100,000 in compensatory and punitive damages in the trial of Gayngs LLC v. C.J. Starbuses, Inc. and C.J. Curtsinger. GAYNGS’ Attorneys Chris Vlahos and Howell O’Rear, from Riley Warncock & Jacobson, PLC, successful proved that the bus company C.J. Starbuses, Inc. and C.J. Curtsinger engaged in unfair and deceptive practices and that they maliciously prevented Gayngs from performing its concert at the 2010 Austin City Limits Music Festival.

Early morning on October 10, 2010, C.J. Curtsinger directed GAYNGS ’ leased tour bus back to Nashville without warning or notice. The bus contained all of the band’s gear, musical equipment and personal belongings. C.J. Curtsinger refused to return the bus to Austin despite numerous requests from GAYNGS. Without its gear and musical equipment, GAYNGS had no choice but to cancel its highly anticipated Austin City Limits Festival show.

“I am extremely relieved that the jury understood the turmoil, both emotionally and financially, the band has gone through as a result being forced to cancel our ACL performance. No amount of money can make up for being deprived of that show; however, the peace of mind which comes from justice is the next best thing.” –GAYNGS’ Manager Nate Vernon

Since we’ve proudly championed Gayngs debut album Relayted and live show before, we feel sorry for those fans who were deprived of their show at ACL Festival and we hope you all get to enjoy the glory that is Gayngs live very soon.

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