Explore This: Will StageIt Make Virtual Concerts More Intimate?

StageIt Live From the Coffee Bean

Continuing our exploration virtual concert experiences, a creative partnership between startup StageIt and L.A.-based Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is giving music fans a new way to discover and support their favorite artists live shows online.

As Mashable reports, this unique online concert experience fills a gap and meets the needs of not only concert fans who want to catch a show on the net, but it also allows artists to make a few extra beans in the process.

StageIt solves a problem the music and tech industries have been working on for a couple of years: How can musicians make money online beyond just selling tracks and merchandise? The startup lets fans and “superfans” purchase virtual tickets for webcam-based performances that include live chats with the artist.

And taking a deeper look at StageIt’s mission, it’s obvious that they’re aiming to change not only the way fans experience live music during the show, but they are aiming to explore the influence of the before and after.

StageIt isn’t about broadcasting concerts online. It’s about sharing the amazing moments that happen in between. Did a friend drop by to jam? StageIt. Got a new tune you’re working on? StageIt. Getting ready to go on stage? StageIt.

And when it comes to virtual currency, StageIt also has an interesting functionality that allows you to tip an artist directly by using the TIP button on the video player during the show. And that’s where part of the money making aspect for the artist comes in.

Like we’ve explored before with Recreate My Night and BigLive, we’ll continue to see how StageIt will evolve and how the overall experience plays out as fans and artists use the site more. Will this create a more intimate connection between fans and bands during the live music experience? Will StageIt have an innovative impact on the non-virtual concert experience?

That said, we encourage you to check it out and explore with us. And if you’re a fan or an artist who’s used StageIt before, we’d love to hear what you think of it so far. Share your stories and comments below!

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