What’s On Your List For Record Store Day 2011?

Record Store Day 2011

I have a confession to make. I buy records on other days besides just on Record Store Day. Yes, I do. And last weekend I got a head start on the rest of you when I journeyed into Laurie’s Planet of Sound to pick up a limited edition white vinyl copy of the soundtrack to “You Weren’t There” which also included the movie. It only seemed right to finally snag an official copy after I went on a cool new Chicago music tour.

That said, tomorrow, April 16, is Record Store Day 2011 and I’ve put together a quick list of live albums and local Chicago shows that will be offered tomorrow as part of the vinylious and stalwart independent record store festivities.

Yes, as the music industry continues to struggle and crumble it seems that live music and vinyl are two of the resilient pillars that music fans still lean on in the ever-increasingly digital age of music.

It’s always been fun to take part in Record Store Day each year since it first was created in 2007.

And in no particular order here are some of the exclusive 2011 RSD live album releases that I thought you, my fellow live music fans, might like to pick up. Plus, a few shows you might want to head out to once you’ve snatch up your albums.

Record Store Day 2011 Shows

Our friends over at Gapers Block have put together a really nice comprehensive list of RSD 2011 shows going on in Chicago. And our friend, Thomas Conner, has a good list of albums, shows and nice wrap-up on the history of RSD too.

There’s many others RSD events going on all across the nation, and one that caught especially caught my eye and ear was a one off live show featuring rock & roll icon Jerry Lee Lewis who will perform a special concert on Saturday, April 16th at Jack White’s Third Man Records in Nashville, TN.

We’re told that the show will be recorded direct to analog tape at the Third Man complex in downtown Nashville, with Jack White producing, as with all the Third Man recordings. And the Lewis’ live show will then be pressed and packaged locally at United Record Pressing just down the street from Third Man and will be sold at the label’s retail outlet within weeks, reminiscent of the spontaneous releases of Lewis’ early career.

And of course, with the recent White Stripes breakup, there’ll be some RSD releases from the celebrate Detroit rock duo.

That’s all for now, my fellow vinyl-loving freaks. So go out tomorrow and support your local record store and buy that sweet record you’ve always wanted! And be sure to come back to this post and share with the rest of the class all your treasured booty and the secret stories behind your RSD experiences.

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