Live Fix Radio: Explore This: New “Chicago Rocks” Music Tour

Phil Rockrohr Chicago Rocks Tour

Phil Rockrohr Chicago Rocks Tour

We’ve got an exclusive interview with Phil Rockrohr, a fellow concert fan and the man behind Chicago Rocks: 1980-2002, a new music tour that takes you on a wild ride to discover Chicago’s historic recording roots and celebrated music venues.

Yes, my friends, that’s right! We have a treat for you today with a special bonus episode of Live Fix Radio.

I met with Phil on stage at Metro in Chicago to talk about his inspirations for creating the tour, a live memorable “Material Issue” moment, and why the celebrated label and record store Wax Trax! records, that introduced Ministry and other bands to the music world, plays a pivotal role in the history of Metro. A history, by the way, which is being celebrated this weekend.

Tunes from the Tour and Podcast

While you cruise around on the tour bus, Phil, who’s also a former Chicago musician, plays DJ and shares classic tracks with you as he explains the backstory of the tour’s sites and stops.

I included a few of the tour tunes below, plus a few extra tunes I included in the show. Here’s my interview with Phil and a listing of the music from the show:

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“Elephant’s Graveyard” — Strike Under

“Can’t Stand It” — Wilco

“Valerie Loves Me” – Material Issue

“Everyday is Halloween” — Ministry

“Stigmata” (Live) — Ministry

“Cherub Rock” — Smashing Pumpkins

Our Punk Rock Exploration Continues

Another part I loved about the tour was how part of it takes you to locations mentioned in “You Weren’t There,” a film that chronicles punk rock history from 1977-1984. And together the tour and the movie are an excellent continuation to our ongoing exploration of the punk rock history of Chicago.

Get a Sneak Peak
We’ve also got an exclusive behind-the-scenes sneak peek video below of the Metro part of the tour, which includes info about a secret performance spot at Metro. And you can check out more tour photos on Colleen’s Flickr page.

“Chicago Rocks” Tour Info:
The tour costs $28 (must be 21 or older), runs on Saturdays from 3-6p.m., and it takes off at Schubas Tavern (3159 N. Southport). You can sign up for the next tour at

Thanks again to Phil for inviting us out on the tour and if you’ve been on the tour or have any questions about it, post your comments and suggestions below.

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