Live Fix Radio: Have You Joined The Concert Fan Complaints Choir?

Live Fix Radio Podcast

High ticket prices. Service fees. 4 bucks for bottled water. Concert buddies who bail on us at the last minute. Canceled shows. Bands that are great on album but suck live. Tours that don’t come to our home town.

Yes, my fellow concert fans, we have a lot to complain about. And, now, during this latest episode of Live Fix Radio, you’ll hear how people from all across the world are joining together to freely speak their hearts and minds about what urks them the most.

And, during this podcast, we’ll apply the wit, wisdom and brilliance of The Complaints Choir to inspire you and millions of other concert fans to assemble our own complaints choir, rock band or rap collective.

And, besides that, you’ll hear how live music fans are already using social media to joyously spread their dissatisfaction and disgust of the live music experience far and wide across the interwebs and twitterbooks.

Listen in and drop your complaints in the comments below! Thanks again to Blue Microphone for sponsoring our new concert fan podcast. Check out our first episode show notes for a review of the Blue Mic Snowflake.

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