Is Live Nation Really Interested In Your Ultimate Live Music Experience?

Live Nation Ultimate Concert Experience

Continuing our exploration of Live Nation and social media, this past weekend I noticed that Live Nation asked concert fans a very interesting question on their Facebook page. And I’d like to ask you the same one too, but in a different way.

Live Nation’s question to their 368,230 Facebook fans was “If you won the ultimate live music experience, what would that entail.”

I really like this question and it took me a while to think of my own ultimate scenario. In the screenshot above , you can see what I posted above as the Live Fix fan page.  And since I was also entertained by what other fans posted, here’s a few of my favorite fan comments too:

“I’d want a 2 staged concert with Clay Aiken on half the time and Eminem on the other half of the time. Kinda my Angel/Devil coming out in me. heehee”

“Sitting on stage at a Prince Concert with him singing Adore to me. :)”

“My entire summer vacation touring with the one and only LADY GAGA. Not performing, just being backstage and watching her awesomeness unfold. That is my ultimate dream. Hearing her sing born this way would compete my life. A dream career (bu…t will never happen) is being on her tech crew for her shows. I don’t care if she is bossy and relentless wanting everything perfect, I will make it happen. I will do what she asks in a heartbeat. (Almost anything, mass murder not gonna happen. Ahhhh it is nice to vent my feelings like this :)”

“Seeing Deftones and then having Chino bang me afterwards!”

“Play a round of golf with the Eagles. Watch a concert back stage with the Eagles. Have dinner and drinks with the Eagles. Priceless!”

Now, I invite you to take a moment to share your ultimate scenario and post it in the comments below.

Is Their Question Genuine?

As I was posting my response on their Facebook page, I asked myself… Is Live Nation’s Facebook community truly a community of live music fans, and do fans feel like their concert moments are truly being celebrated or just turned into marketing research and service promotion like their Ticketology blog.

And if social media is suppose to allow companies and brands to be transparent, than why doesn’t  Live Nation lead the way and find a creative way to use their Facebook page to tell the ongoing story of the merger and the current state of the concert ticket industry as it continues to dramatically impact the fan experience.  And is Live Nation really interested in celebrating the fan experience? Or should we continue to assemble our Concert Fan Complaints Choir?

What do you think?

And stay tuned as we share more of our extended SXSW 2011 coverage and quotes from the concert ticketing industry panel we attended while in Austin.

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