Concert News: Lupe’s Chicago Fiasco, Britney’s Not Wanted, Jackie Chan Helps Japan, E-40 Fan Goes To Jail..

When it comes to concert news, March certainly came in and is heading out like a lion via a surprise Cyndi Lauper show in an airport and the first Dylan concert in China to an interesting Rahm Emanuel quote and a bizarre Lupe Fiasco show in Chicago. And here’s a special extended round-up bringing you up to speed covering the last 28 days of all the live music madness!

Lupe Fiasco Downward Spiral Continues

After Lupe Fiasco’s last-minute no-show at SXSW 2011, it pains me to read yet another bizarre and unfortunate story via Frank at Windy City Rock. With his new album Lasers finally here but not doing so well after it took forever to get released, Fiasco doesn’t need any more bad press or letdowns for his fans. But it looks like that’s exactly what happened in Chicago. And according to post show tweets, Fiasco says he didn’t have a hand in organizing the event and that it was never supposed to be. Should we add this or our Concert Fan Complaint Choir?

Britteny Spears: Do They Love Her or Hate Her in San Fran?

Earlier this month, as Pollstar reports, local business owners in San Francisco are at odds with Britney Spears performing in the area because it would disrupt local traffic and turn away customers. But they also say that the show is great for the gay community? So are they for or against the pop star performing in their town? We’ll keep an eye on this story and let you know how it turns out. Here’s a fan video of the show below.

Rahm Voices His Love, Has Big Plans for Live Music in Chicago

Thomas Conner of the Chicago Sun-times reports that new Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel loves live music and has big plans for the city. Is it true local fans can expect a district for live music in Chicago? We’ll shall see…

E-40 Fan Sentence to Jail For Crime at Concert

These types of concert fan stories trouble me for many reasons. First, it’s never cool to share news about a fellow concert fan dying or being sentence to jail. And this story via Keep It Trill is even stranger as it proposes that a pattern is developing and the shootings might be connected to E-40.

The Japan Earthquake Impacts Concert Industry

As Spinner reports, in the wake of the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami many artist are canceling tours and finding ways to help the local industry recover. And to help Japan rebuild, movie star Jackie Chan has put together a benefit concert in April.

Will Dylan Play in China?

Yes, he will. As Billboard reports, it took some doing but the music legend will finally enter the country to play in April. But will have to stick to the agreed plan.

50 Cent Makes Donation After Connection To Gadhafi Gig

As ABC News reports, 50 Cent joined Beyonce, Usher, Mariah Carey and Nelly Furtado and others in donating to charity in the wake of their participation in private concerts connected to the Gadhafis.

Cindi Lauper Has Fun With Surprise Airport Concert

Continuing our exploration of secret and surprise shows, TMZ reports Cindi Lauper throwing a surprise concert in a airport terminal. Check out the video above.

That’s it for now and thanks for following along. We invite you to catch up on other Concert News and let us know what was your favorite news story this week.

Did we overlook something? Don’t hold back, and by all means, please enlighten us and share your thoughts in the comments!

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