Were The Black Eyed Peas and Aguilera Really That Bad?

Sure, I was excited about hearing one part of one dirty song and seeing how it turned out live. But I wasn’t really expecting a show to remember. And what about Aguilera’s lyrical snafu? How does it compare to other famous National Anthem train wrecks?

Okay, let’s all agree that it’s nearly impossible to put on a decent concert that will satisfy any concert fan in just 12 minutes.

And let’s also be honest and all agree that although they do make catchy and anthemic dance-pop music that designed specifically for club bangin’, the truth is that The Black Eyed Peas aren’t really a great live band by any means.

I’ve never seen them live before, and of all the time I’ve watched them on TV, I’ve never had the desire to see them live. Unlike Lady Gaga who won me over after I saw her perform on the AMAs.

That said, I was surprised to see the fan sentiment on both Facebook and Twitter be so divided. Comments and Likes and Retweets were split right down the middle. For every praising post there was a hater update streaming in my News Feed and Twitter stream.

Some fans thought the BEP’s did the best they could, while others hated the fact that Wil.i.am tried to mix politics with partying when he switched up the lyrics to “Where Is The Love,” sending a quick memo to President Obama.

Is it time for us to rethink the Super Bowl Halftime show? Is time to truly let the fans run it, so the show can be more interactive and relevant in the future? How would you make the most of the 12 minutes?

For some idea starters, Greg Kot and the fans in the comments on his review have a few suggestions to improve the entertainment and National Anthem.

It Could Of Been A Lot Worse

I was surprised at how much fans responded to Aguilera’s flopping performance. Though most of the time I get the feeling that the National Anthem is just a trite hyping moment for sporting events instead of a moment of reflection for our nation, but I stand corrected.

I guess,for fans, the National Anthem really is an important part to the game after all. Which is a great thing to see!

But again, let’s all agree that it could of been a lot worse.

Remember when Rosanne Barr screeched the National Anthem for the Padres game in 1990? Should we add Aguilera’s performance to Time’s List?

And it’s funny to recall how Micheal Bolton screwed up the very same part as Augilera during his famous flub. At least Augilera didn’t have to look at her hand for the lyrics. Peep the videos below to have a quick laugh down memory lane.

Okay, let’s try this again. Here’s our picks for Super Bowl Halftime show that we had after last year’s show, plus a few extras.

My Picks:

Lady Gaga
Daft Punk
Kanye West
Arcade Fire
Flaming Lips
Taylor Swift
The Muppets
Yo Gabba Gabba
The Roots
The White Stripes
Neil Diamond
Chuck Berry
Susan Boyle
The Sex Pistols
Joy Division
David Hasselhoff
The Grateful Dead
Michael Jackson

What are your picks? Should they just stop trying to do a concert in 12 minutes and wipe the slate clean and strategically start over with the halftime show?

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