Concert News: Prince’s No-show, White Stripes, Ecstasy, Shea Stadium, Phish Fest and Chicago Bid Denial

Prince Super Bowl

In no particular order or ranking here’s another rundown of some new bits and cool links to stories for your live music enjoyment about… Prince’s Super Bowl no-show, The White Stripes break-up, Phish’s new festival, NPR’s love for Shea Stadium, Chicago’s race to fund its music fests, Less Than Jake’s return , and an update on our Ecstasy and rave exploration.

Prince’s Super Bowl Benefit No-Show
Before the Black Eyed Peas dirty rock the Halftime show at the Super Bowl, this weekend Prince was scheduled to play a benefit concert, but as Poll Star reports, it didn’t happen and the Purple One didn’t show. Do we have to rethink out BET tribute?

White Stripes Call It Quits

In case you missed the sad news, The White Stripes called it quits on Wednesday. Here’s the low-down and what I learned about Jack White before they broke up.

Has Ecstasy Struck Again?

Continuing our exploration of ecstasy and dance music culture, the L A Times reports on yet another rave gone bad.

Will Phish Have a 3D Festival?

As Live Music Blog reports, jam-band rockers Phish put rumors to rest and signed a contract to host a festival over the forth of July weekend. So does this mean that Phishheads can expect an entire festival in 3D?

Less Than Jake Fans Love To Live in the Past

Gapers Block writer Katie Karpowicz tells the story of how Less Than Jake fans rocked out with the band recently at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago. But the scene wasn’t very progressive.

NPR’s 10 Concerts To Hear

NPR All Songs Considered points out 10 concerts you must hear from Shea Stadiums Vault. Check ’em out and let us know if you’ve been to any of those concerts and tell us what you think of the recordings, do they bring back great memories?

Chicago’s Mayor Daley Says No To Private Music Fests
Jim Derogatis reports on why our soon to be former Mayor Daley doesn’t like the idea of private-funded music fests in Chicago.

The Little Things and Liz Phair

Now, we love pointing out the Little Things at concerts. And to wrap up this week’s post check out Time Out Chicago’s photo gallery (photo 35), to see how high shoe fashion was the under current of Liz Phair’s show at Metro. Then tell us what Little Things you’ve seen lately.

Check out more Concert News and let us know what me missed and what live music news you’ve enjoyed lately.

Photo credit: Poll Star

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