UPDATE: Shure and Jansport Battle of the Bands Contests Rock On

Shure MIC Battle of the BandsAs you know, we’ve been exploring the culture of the Battle of the Bands contests and we’ve been keeping a close eye on the contests hosted by Shure and Jansport. And now, we have an special update for you.

Jansport Selects Winner

Congrats to Ohio-based band, The Seedy Seeds for being selected at the winning band for the Jansport BOTB contest. They won their way to rock the stage at SXSW 2011 Sonicbids and Jansport Showcase and we’re looking forward to seeing how that show goes.

We’ll keep you updated on that as well. You can get to know the band and check out their tunes and live show resume here.

Shure Selects 6 Regional Finalists

Back in January, we told how 18 bands squared off in a live regional showdown in six cities and now only six bands remain — St. Bagu, Nick Edelstein, The Pulse Electric, Vaness aLegacy, Captions., Llama Tsunami and The Without Helmet.

You can get to know St. Bagu as we’ve been following their story since the band’s very first show, and we look forward to getting to know the rest of the bands too. (Be sure to check out our fan and band invite below.)

You can watch footage from the Regional Showdowns and vote once per day on the Give It Voice site for your favorite group — and good luck to all the bands!

Questions and Continued Explorations?

Looking at the both contests, I have questions about how Shure selected the Regional winners and how Jansport decided on their winner too. I’ll see if we can get some more info on that and post an update for you here on Live Fix.

One of the reasons we’re following these BOTB contest is to see how they impact the bands who are competing.

And this week I had the pleasure of interviewing Chicago power-pop band Jonny Rumble and during that interview they told me how a BOTB contest play a crucial role in their band’s history. Check out the interview here.

If you’re a fan or a member of the bands, we invite you to share what you’ve thought of the Shure and Jansport contests in the comments below.

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