What I Learned About The White Stripes (Before They Broke Up)

While the Midwest was being hit with a historic blizzard on Wednesday, the Detroit rock duo The White Stripes announced that they were calling it quits after 13 years. So what did I learn from Jack and Meg White?

Well, I had the pleasure of seeing them live in Chicago at the Auditorium Theatre in 2005 — and it was completely awesome! My body and soul shook for days after the show. And memories of that show are rushing back as I write this post.

Gems Discovered: Under Great White Northern Lights

And after watching last year’s concert tour DVD Under Great White Northern Lights, I had the chance to get many of my questions about their live performance answered.

I say that because the film shows an side of the rock duo rarely seen as they tour Canada, interact with fans, reflect on their career and engage with each other moments after show.

But what I loved the most about the film (trailer above) was how it gave me an inside look at how Jack White has his stage specifically set up to push and challenge him to be a better guitar player and live performer. And I imagine that this sort of approach helps with build his touring endurance too.

All this said, you should check out the DVD, because I imagine Jack White also approaches his Dead Weather and Raconteur gigs in the same way.

What’s Next For White Stripes Fans?

As noted in the White Stripes farewell letter on their website, we’re told that they will be gradually release live and studio recordings from their vault. So we’ll see what comes out in the future.

Let’s wrap up this post with the last time that the White Stripes played a concert, which was on the final Late Night with Conan O’Brien in 2007. Here’s a video below of that final stripped-down performance of “We’re Going To Be Friends.”

Good bye White Stripes. Thanks for the great live concert memories — we’ll miss you!

Tell us what you think of the break up and go ahead and share your favorite White Stripes concert fan stories in the comments below.

The White Stripes on Conan

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