Concert News Round-up: Jimmy Buffett, Linkin Park, Foursquare, Live Nation Lawsuit & Coachella Sellout

Coachella sells out in a week? A rapper threatens to shoot up a crowd? Linkin Park is using fans to test out new marketing channels? Parrot Heads go from ecstasy to horror in a matter of seconds? Foursquare expanding its concert experiments? A Live Nation lawsuit?

It’s been a busy week for concert news, so here’s a mega-post of updates and links to bring you up to speed on the last seven days of action in the wacky and wonderful world of live music!

Jimmy Buffett Falls Off Stage After Climatic Cruise Song

It’s never fun or easy to share news about an artist falling off stage, but oddly and strangely enough it happens more than we’d like to admit, and watching the pain unfold in front of us certainly impacts how we feel and react to the show the ends so abruptly and with such pain.

This week Jimmy Buffet fell off stage at the end of a show in Australia, and the video below captures the odd and painful moment. As always, we wish Mr. Buffett a speedy recovery.

To put the moment in context, a here’s a second video that a fan took that shows a bit more of the before and after.

Plies Gets hit with Cup at Concert, Threatens to Shoot Up Crowd

Now, this next video is not safe of all audiences since it does have some nasty language and is a terrible representation of live hip hop show, lest I even call it that. But you be the judge and tell us if you think, rapper Plies needs to work on his crowd control skills.

Here’s a quote from the fan who took the uploaded YouTube video below followed by the Plies’s comments, just in case you have a hard time hearing what he said.

Fan account:

“Plies hit with cup at concert. This was in Orlando. Some dude in front of me threw the cup and they was looking like I did it. I got a bottle of rose’ in one hand and I phone in the other. Plus who really throws drinks, thats alcohol abuse.”

Plies words of wisdom:

“I swear to God, next [person] to throw something up here, I’ma shoot this bitch up in here right now!” growled the rapper, who was caught on video. “Next bitch that throw something up here, they gon’ get it,

Live Nation To Pay Out 22.3 MM Lawsuit

Continuing our exploration into the adventures of Live Nation Ticketmaster, it looks like 2011 might be more like 2010 as they get ready to pay out a pretty hefty lawsuit as Billboard reports.

Is Foursquare Expanding Your Concert Check-in Possibilities?

Yes, social media is changing the course of our live music experiences, and according to this MIDEM interview with Foursquare’s Naveen Selvadurai, the geo-location service might be getting more interactive for artists and concert fans.

There’s some other good stuff from MIDEM here too.

Coachella Sells Out In Six Days?

I’ll keep this simple and say that when I heard the news of Coachella selling out in six days, I had my doubts that it was all “fans” buying up the tickets. Was it another fake promotional situation? Probably not.

But, of course, we’re always up for a healthy and thought-provoking debate. What say you, insightful concert fan? Does anyone else smell the sent of scalpers?

Linkin Park Testing Out New Strategies On Concert Fans?

Last but certainly not least, this Chicago Sun-times story about Linkin Park experimenting with new ways to make money touring was quite intriguing considering their music really hasn’t improved over the years as much as their allegedly innovative marketing and revenue-generating strategies have.

That’s it for now. What was your favorite news story this week? Did we overlook something? Don’t hold back, and by all means, please enlighten us and share your thoughts in the comments!

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