Darwin Deez Gives Away Golden Concert Tickets with Wonky Beats Mixtape

Remember when we explored Das Rasist at SPIN studios? Well, now we have a similar Wonka-Chocolate-flavored treat for you courtesy of electro-pop surrealist Darwin Deez who’s serving up a special Golden Ticket/Free Mixtape for you.

I’ve never heard of the guy before listening to the mixtape, but nonetheless I dig Deez’s “regular” collection off-kilter lyrics and spacey sounding songs which are different from the mixtape, but still have a touch of weird Wonka to them, to say the least.

Here’s the details on the Wonky Beats mixtape and interactive live music download treasure hunt that features rhymes from Das Rasist.

We’re told that:

“Deez recruited friends like Dev Hynes, KOOL AD from Das Racist and Chiddy Bang- and then decided to give the whole thing away online.”

And that…

“In addition, 5 lucky winners will also find inside their Zip a Golden Ticket; the Golden Ticket is redeemable for the grand prize, which is a LIFETIME SUPPLY of Darwin Deez music and tickets to local Darwin Deez headlining shows!”

So that’s the live music hook my friends. The chance to win free concert tickets just like the kids in the Willy Wonka movie!

Of the mixtape Deez says that:

“It’s a high concept mix-tape, tailor-made for multi-generational impact, created exclusively from Willy Wonka samples with the songs all derived from/based on the original 1971 score. It’s like the Grey album but with Chocolate.”

You can listen to a track off the mixtape called “Where’s the Chocolate” here.

And go download and hopefully find your Golden Ticket, and check out more of Darwin Deez trippy tunes here.

Do tell us if you win, because we’d love to hear all about it. And we’d love to hear how the shows turn out!

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