Bears vs Packers: Who Will Win A Free Show At Metro?

We’ve made connections between sports and live music before with our Blackhawks & The Fratellis exploration, and since I’ll be rooting for the Bears today, I want to add a little more excitement to the big game between Bears vs Packers game.

So I made a live music wager with a family member who’s a Green Bay Packers fan and lives near the Metro in Chicago.

Check out the video above to get the low-down on the fun wager and see what’s at stake and why I’m willing to bet my cousin Matt that the Bears will win.

Honestly though, I’m not sure how this friendly wager will turn out since the game could go either way.

But however the game ends I’m sure our wager will turn out to be a fun mashup of sports and live music experiences.

So be sure to check back to see which of us is going to Metro for free. We might even up the ante once this whole this is over.

UPDATE 1/23/11 8:30PM

Well, the Bears lost and the Packers won, which means that I will be buying a ticket to a show at Metro for my cousin Matt who has kindly made this response video. What show will Matt pick? Got any suggestions? Let’s discuss this in the comments below.

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