Coachella Announces Official 2011 Lineup To Silence Fake Poster Rumors

This week Coachella Music Festival announced their 2011 lineup feature some solid headliners Arcade Fire, Kanye West, Kings of Leon and many many many more bands.

Now, here’s a round up of some fake Coachella poster line up fun that we’ve enjoyed before and after the lineup announcement, plus some other festival news you’ll want to know if you’re heading out to Indio, CA this year.

Sizing Up This Year’s Lineup
This year’s headliners are really no surprise and should put on fantastic show pending no Kayne West meltdowns or angry birds pooping on Kings Of Leon.

Arcade Fire will certainly rock the house like they did at Lollapalooza 2010, and the massive plethora of other rock, pop and hip hop bands look like lots of fun too.

Agree? Think this lineup is total crap or just empty hype? Is Coachella too much for one concert fan and just gratuitous live music overload? Is it overpriced? Is it the best lineup ever? Please share your enlightened musings with us  in the comments.

Annual Coachella Fake Poster Fun

The Coachella fake announcements are not a new thing and have been somewhat of an annual tradition for fans and music blogs.

One of our favorite from this years fake lineup creations come from and got us thinking about what these fake creations really mean. Do they represent a visual snapshot of the music hopes and dreams of those who create the fake posters?  And, what if we could actually make these show happen. Would it me the ultimate live music mashup that would make Girl Talk proud?

What About the 2011 Coachella Mobile App?

Last year we explored the Coachella mobile app and found out how another popular summer music festival makes their apps. So what new upgrades will the 2011 version have? Will we see a concert fan mood tracking feature added or a 3D perhaps?

How Will Coachella Impact 2011 and Improve the Festival Experience?

With 2010 being a down year for concert ticket sales, it will be interesting to watch how summer music festivals like Coachella continue to impact the bottom line for the concert industry in 2011.

Hopefully we will see some of our suggestions for improvement put into place and we’ll let you know when we do or if we don’t.

Your Coachella Memories In 3D?

Remember when we dreamed about concerts in 3D? Well, as I took a stroll around the Coachella site I noticed a cool interactive feature where you can relive your 2010 Coachella experience when you put on a pair of 3D glasses and scroll through the gallery of pictures. You can check it out here and let me know what you think.

Coachella Conversations, Forums & Contests

It’s always good a thing when festivals allow fans to gather and talk about other important issues and topics besides the music. And Coachella Conversations looks like a great place to do so if that’s what you’re looking to do before or after the festival.

And I also suggest checking out the Coachella forums so you can see what other concert fans are up to, join in the fake poster fun, and share your own stories and 2011 expectations and experiences.

Last year, we told you about a contest to win your way to Coachella. Well, so far I haven’t heard about anything for this year. But stay tuned for news when they do announce 2011’s fan contests.

What Are Your Favorite Coachella Memories?

Got a Coachella story?  Share it below in the comments or send it to

Rock on and have a great weekend of live music!

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