Two Cool Live Music Videos For You: NIGHTS & Janelle Monae at Schubas

Two quick video treats for you via my new fellow concert fan Andy who I had the pleasure of meeting a few weekends ago.

Andy was at the NIGHTS record preview show we told you about and took some video of the band during one of my favorite songs “When We Were Good” from their debut album In This.

This second video below was also taken by Andy at Schubas last May while Janelle Monae rocked the house.

Monea is one of my current favorites who I have yet to still see live, and Andy’s video gets me even more excited to see her live.

If you’re new to Monae I suggest checking out her debut album The ArchAndroidand her creative arts and production collective Wondaland Arts Society that she runs in Atlanta.

It was great to talk with Andy about his love for live music and swap stories about taking concert videos as fans and how that impacts our concert experiences and live music memories.

And hopefully we’ll get to share with you some of his other favorite live music moments as 2011 unfolds.

I hope you enjoy the videos and you can check out more of Andy’s videos, creative art and music discoveries on his Futureme Posterous blog.

What cool concert videos have you taken or discovered lately?

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