Weekly Wrap-up: How Much Does Your Concert Happiness Cost?

That profound and insightful tweet above got me thinking about how much your concert happiness costs. And if the concert experiences you purchased this week were truly worth the price you paid.

I hope they were.

And I hope you squeezed every last ounce of pleasure out of every ticket purchase, cover charge and annoying service fee.

I hope you walked out of the venue with a massive smile on your soul and felt like you got EXACTLY what you paid for (and more.)

Either way, the topic of buying concert happiness is a large topic to tackle and we’ll be exploring it more as 2011 unfolds.

But in the meantime, I invite you to explore this week’s wrap-up and think about how your concert experiences and “concert happiness” compares with the concert industry’s bottom line woes last year.

Judging by our 2011 concert industry survival report, it seems like A LOT fewer live music fans purchased “concert happiness”.

Could The Same Be Said For You?

While you think about that, we also invite you to catch up on some really cool pop art created by creative concert fans, Iron and Wine live show/new album debut, the adventures of Tomorrow Never Knows 2011 and more of the concert adventures we had last week via the link below.

Here They Are: Dive In and Rock On!

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Comment Contest News Coming Up

Stay tuned for more next week as we explore DJ Tiesto fans and ecstasy, live music poetry, the effects of the WBEZ and Vocalo Hip Hop Block Party, and a special contest (with prizes) sponsored by MOG!

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